The story of the star fish

The story of the star fish is one of my favourites. There was a little boy walking down the beach at low tide. He noticed that lots of star fish had washed up on the beach and they were now drying up in the sun with no way to get back in to the water.

As the little boy walked down the beach,  he picked up each star fish and chucked it back in to the ocean. There was an old man fishing from the beach that was fascinated by what the little boy was doing. There were millions of star fish that had washed up on to the beach and it would have been impossible to get them all back in to the sea.

As the boy got closer, the old man asked, “Why are you doing this? Look at the beach! There are millions  of star fish, the shore is covered with them. You won’t make any difference.”

The boy picked up the next star fish, thought for a moment, threw it in to the sea and said: “Well it made a difference to that one!”

And so it is in out own lives. Maybe we won’t be able to change the world, but we sure can make a difference to someone. As the saying goes, one person can’t change the world but everyone can try. Make a difference you may be surprised what a difference you can make.