The family goes to see Tony Robbins – and the results are unbelievable!

A few years ago, we decided to go to see Tony Robbins in London. It has been a lifelong dream of my dad’s to go to Tony’s UPW course, but there always seemed to be a reason why we could never go.

You see, it comes back to the reasons or results theory. My dad cringed when he worked out what it was going to cost. Converting our South African rand to British pounds didn’t help either. We arrived in London with the whole family to attend this life-changing course. What an exciting trip and how life-altering it would turn out be. After day one we had already done a firewalk. Yes, a walk over red hot coals. Even myself and my sister did it with not even a tiny blister. Just the fact that we have walked on fire is enough to make us unstoppable. Day two was just as powerful, as we did a lot of breakthrough experiences and exercises. Then on day four, we covered the health section. This turned out to be amazing information, and the things that we have implemented from that have changed our entire lifestyle.

“We stood out from the crowd because we did the course as a family. As I said, it cost a pretty penny, but a few years later we are still seeing huge results, not only from ourselves, but also from the girls. It is as if they are fired up and ready to go. Nothing is too big for them to tackle and they have a confidence that is difficult to miss. I can clearly remember discussing this with my wife and asking if she thought that they were old enough. At the time Megan was twelve and Cindy was sixteen.” says my dad.

I suppose that results speak louder than words. I wrote a book at age thirteen and have appeared on national radio and television, and often speak to large groups of people and I love it! I do not feel fear, because I believe I can, and that makes what we did an invaluable tool.

“It is an area of our life that we spend a lot of time reflecting on. Would we have got this far without improving ourselves? The answer is a resounding NO! Without growing ourselves, we would have stayed exactly where we were and kept on blaming everyone else for our failures. Always remember, you have two choices here, as I said in the beginning of the chapter; reasons or results. You can either choose to have a reason why you couldn’t do it, or you have the result of having done it.” says my dad.

  • Article courtesy of my dad, Des Werner.