The answer in your hands

I love this story my dad once told me about having the answer in your hand.

There was once a wise Chinese man who lived in the mountains, he was known for his wisdom and people would travel from all over the world to ask him for his advice.

He had great wisdom in all areas of life so he was in huge demand. The one day two teenage boys decided to catch the old man out. He went out and caught a butterfly, and his plan was to take the live butterfly to the old man and ask him if it was alive or dead.

If the old man said that it was alive, then he would simply crush the butterfly before he opened his hand and the butterfly would be dead.

If however, the old man said that the butterfly was alive, then the boy would open his hand, and the butterfly would fly away. He couldn’t lose.

After waiting a while, they eventually saw the old man. The one boy took the lead and said “Sir, in my hand i have a butterfly. Is this butterfly alive or dead?”

After a long pause the old man answered, “My son, the answer is in your hand.”

And so it comes to our lives too. The answer is in our hands when it comes to developing our skills and talents. We have control and we have the power.

So go out in to the world and make a difference wherever you can. Life is an amazing journey, so live every second to the maximum.