Re-programme your outlook

NASA did a very interesting experiment. They made astronauts wear a special pair of glasses that turned their whole world upside down. They were required to wear their glasses twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. For days they walked around bumping into things, totally confused.

Then something very strange happened. Somewhere between twenty-five and thirty days, their brains changed the whole picture back to the normal upright position. This happened without fail to each and every one of them. What was even more interesting about the experiment was the fact that if the astronauts took the glasses off before the thirty-day period was up, they had to restart the thirty days from the beginning, before their brain would turn the images right side up again.

This is why a new paradigm forms within twenty-five to thirty days. The mind needs to repeat things over and over again for twenty-five to thirty days to form a new programme or habit.

Sometimes you need to ask yourself what you need reprogrammed and then continue to repeat the habit for at least thirty days, until it becomes a belief or a new paradigm. Kids are no different. If you want them to believe something better or something that may serve them better, you are going to need to change their paradigm. Once you do that, you are well on your way to a new outcome.

  • From Des Werner book – “What they Believe”