New Years resolutions – and all that stuff

I know that there are two schools of thought about New Years resolutions – a whole bunch of people who avidly make them (and break them) and those who say it’s a load of nonsense.

I agree with both – yes, we certainly should be making resolutions or resolving to better our lives – otherwise we would be stagnating and never attaining or reaching for bigger and better things, that we totally deserve.

But I think those that say it’s a bunch of hogwash are of the type of people who feel that we should be making resolutions throughout the year, constantly changing and growing, not just starting something on the 1st of January, and by the 15th have given up completely.

I challenge you to make 2017 your year. Select a few things that you would like to achieve this year. Start by writing them down. Are they things that you REALLY can do. For example losing weight. Yes, you can lose weight – but how will you do it? Think back to how busy you were in 2016. How would you be able to manage losing weight with a hectic schedule or social commitments.

Start by chunking it down in to ways that will be manageable to achieve. You see, when you make a resolution, you make a promise to yourself, and when you break that promise you get angry and say nasty things to yourself about being a failure, or not being good enough. Don’t do that to yourself.

Back to my example of losing weight. Well, you can eat more healthy. Great – easily said, but how will you do it. Making sure you have healthy foods and snacks in the house. Will you need to prepare meals to take to work or school with you. Yes. When will you prepare these meals? At night? In the morning? What fits best in to your lifestyle?

Do you have what you need – tupperware containers, a cooler bag, plastic bags etc? When will you purchase your healthy food each week? What day works best for you – Saturday afternoon, or Sunday after church? You will need a shopping list so you don’t forget anything. Maybe type one up, print it out and keep it on the fridge or in your handbag…and so it goes on.

You see what I am getting at here though? Everything can be done, and stuck to, if you plan it properly and work it in to your current lifestyle. Kidding yourself that you will change your entire lifestyle won’t work – and that is why so many people fail at their New Year’s resolutions. Don’t let it be you – be prepared to do what it takes to make an amazing change. May 2017 be your year!! MW x