Never Listen to Negative People

People will often tell you how you can’t do this, and you can’t do that. Now I am not talking about discipline from our parents or teachers, I’m talking about the things that other people think that you are not capable of doing so they will tell you that you can’t.

Never listen to them, its their perception not yours. You can do whatever you want if you only make your mind up to do it. I love the way Eleanor Roosevelt said it “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

A few years ago when I was in Grade 5, the teacher did a class exercise. Each student, one by one, got a chance to tell the whole class what they wanted to be when they grew up. One of my dreams and aspirations in life is to become a model. Miss Universe is actually my ultimate goal. I know this may sound big but it has been siad that if you reach for the stars, you may hit the moon. So when the teacher got to me, I told her I wanted to be a model. The whole class burst out laughing and I felt my heart sink and was filled with shame. During breaks and before class the other kids used to call me names and tease me to the point that I was often in tears.

The next school holiday we went to a holiday resort and lo and behold, they had a beauty contest. I entered anyway, despite the voices ringing in my head, because I believed with my heart that I could do it.

IMG-20151101-WA0007  i_can_do_it-1801

There were lots of girls, and some really pretty ones too. After many hours of practise with my mom and sister, it was finally time for make up. I was so nervous, what if the kids in my class were right? What if I was too ugly for the competition. A whole lot of what if’s and but’s were going through my mind – the little voice in your head that is programmed to keep you safe, by keeping you in the same place you have always been.

As I walked on stage, I had a thousand thoughts running through my head, but I somehow managed to ignore them and do it anyway. After lots of nail biting moments and plenty of stress, I was crowned the winner. Yes, me!

It may have been only a little competition, but what I learned was priceless. Never listen to the negative people in life and never let anyone tell you that you cant, especially your own little voice. Just keep going and keep following your dreams until they come true!