Movie Night

I grew up on a small farm, and we were always looking for ways to earn extra money. I came up with many business ideas and must have nearly driven my parents mad! One holiday my sister and I decided to have a movie night in the outside room, and to sell popcorn, snacks and sweets.

We spent the whole day getting the room ready, choosing the movie, setting up and testing the projector and the sound, and putting posters up around the neighborhood. We invited all our neighbors and friends from nearby to come through that evening.

Soon all the kids in the area started arriving for the movie night and we were so excited! They were all queuing up and business was booming. My sister and I took turns selling tickets at the door and manning the food stand with all our snacks we had prepared. We felt like hugely successful business women and we had a golden recipe for making money. Well, so we thought.

It never crossed our minds that all the local kids who never really had much money for anything, now all of a sudden could afford movies and snacks. It was only when my folks told me that they were hiding around the corner and dishing out some small change to the children coming past – did the penny drop.

That’s why they suddenly had money!! What a sweet way of building our confidence and teaching us something at the same time. It would have been way easier to just give us pocket money, but instead they chose to teach us some important skills in a special way.

We learnt communication, advertising and marketing, money management, pricing and setting up a business and loads more. How lucky we are to have such great parents to want to teach us some useful things, instead of just handing out money.

Just like the Chinese proverb about teaching a skills says “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”