Loving others

Another way to make a difference  is just by loving others.Love is such a very powerful emotion. It breaks down barriers. Barriers between colour, race or gender and is the easiest way to show that you care for another person, or even an animal.

Not only do I love my family and friends but I also love my pets and animals too.

The connection that I have with my dogs is something really special and I believe that they are far wiser than we ever give them credit for. Without love in our lives, what are we? Nothing!

I always look at it like this. If you had only a few hours left to live, what would you do? Normally the answer is be with loved ones.

Spend time with the people in our lives that count. Never do you wish that you had worked harder or made more money, but rather that you had spent more time with family and close friends. I believe that every second of every day is a gift and it is so, so precious. We often under estimate the effect we can have, just by showing love.

I challenge you to show more love to those you love you back – it is truly a gift from God.