Little grass men and making money

Like I have mentioned before my parents aren’t the type of parents that believe in just giving pocket money – they have always taught my sister and I to think of creative ways to earn money, and learn new skills.

One year my mother taught my sister, Cindy, and myself how to make grass men, you know those cute little stockings filled with sawdust and seed, and then you water them and the grass “hair” grows?

It took huge effort to put our whole little business together. We had everything from business cards to invoice books and even a company name. We called the company C’Me (like see me – but it stood for Cindy and Megan)

grass hair men

Again, we were the manufacturers, marketers and delivery people all in one. We were the ones that had to sell the stock, take the orders on our own cell phone and make sure that the products were delivered and the customers happy.

Just think of the skills we once again learnt through this project! Both my sister and I are very thankful to have parents that insisted that we had to learn business skills, all the way from making, to selling and delivering, things that you cannot learn any where else. Hard work doesn’t scare us, and we love to get involved now, and those I think are really great skills to have!