Just a little White Lie

Sometimes you just tell white lies but then you lie to the universe, yourself and other people, it has a tendancy of coming back to you and biting you when you least expect it. It’s a bit like throwing a tennis ball against a wall – the harder you throw, the more force the ball returns with.

When you lie you have to remember your lie. When you get caught lying people wont trust you any more, because trust is like an eraser – the more you use it, the smaller it gets. Lying can also really hurt people’s feelings.

Even when you lie and you don’t get caught you still feel bad about yourself. Your heart knows when you are telling the truth and when you are lying, even if there is nobody around to see it.


Our society is so full of lies, corruption and people manipulating others to their own means, that it is difficult to find someone that you can trust. Telling the truth is a big part of trust. My parents taught me that no matter how bad the situation, you must always tell the truth. If they know the truth they can help me fix whatever it is that went wrong, instead of me covering it up and making the whole thing worse. It will always come out if you lied, and then they would be even more disappointed me.

Our family bond is built on trust, and we believe that we can tell each other anything no matter how bad it is.
Having that support and open relationship with my parents and my sister has helped me a couple of times recently when I had difficult situations.

Do you tell little lies? To others or yourself? How does it make you feel? Try telling the truth for just one week, and see how it changes your outlook on life – and they way people respect you.