Giving Something

I have a question for you. Have you ever given someone something? And how did it make you feel?

We went to Milky Lane for an ice-cream a little while ago. The lady that helped us was so friendly and had a great attitude, so my dad asked her what was the biggest tip she had ever gotten.

She said it was R20. Our family puts a certain amount of money aside every month to give to others, and we do this as a family. My dad took out R 100 of his wallet and gave it to her and said thank you for doing such a good job.

Well, she was jumping up and done and screaming and running around. WOW. That felt really good, and of course we smiled and laughed, and so did everyone else in the restaurant, as the other staff came out to see and celebrate with her.

I love doing these things, and I always put aside from my speaking money, or pocket money to be able to do something like this if I feel like it. I encourage you to try it, it is the best feeling ever. MW