Give as you will receive

The title of my book is, “It’s Up to Me, Seven Ways to make a Difference” and it covers a lot of the stories and posts I have published so far.

One of the seven ways that i love the most is the giving effect. Remember, life is like a mirror, what you put out there is exactly what you get back. You may be familiar with the phrase, do as you would be done by? I challenge you to try what I am talking about, the next time you are out shopping, speak to the store attendant as if they are your long lost friend with love, respect and enthusiasm. Notice how they react towards you and what their attitude is back to you.

Then when you go in to the next shop be as difficult and miserable as you can. Notice the attitude now. What was the difference? The difference was only you and your mirror. People will mirror back to you exactly what you put out. If you put out laughter and fun, you will receive laughter and fun back, but if you put out hatred and bad energy, that’s exactly what you will get back.

You know the saying “smile and the world smiles with you”? That is exactly what happens and you are in control of it. If you want love, give love. If you want respect, give respect and if you want fun and laughter…yes, you guessed it – give fun and laughter.

I challenge you to try this a few times and see what happens. Let me know, okay? 😉