Get more by giving more

Recently we attended a course where they spoke a lot about trust and integrity. What stood out the most for me was that the Universal laws also work on trust. Whether we make agreements with ourselves or with others, we need to stick to them. If we cant’t be trusted to kepp our small agreements, then how on earth will we be able to keep big agreements?

This brings me to the ice cream story. I heard this story at The Millionaire Mind Intensive a few years ago, and it has really stayed with me. It’s about a little girl that walks in to an ice cream shop to buy an ice cream with her dad.

On the way out the ice cream slips out of her hand and crashes to the floor. “Awwww” says dad. “Never mind my dear, we will get you another one.” So they walk back in to the shop to get a new ice cream. It was then that the little girl sees the poster of the triple scooper. As any little girl would, she tugs on her dads arm. “Daddy, please can I have one of those?” Being the fantastic dad that he is, he says ” Yes of course my darling” and buys her the triple scooper!


Now, lets compare this story to life. The difference is that in life we only be given more when we can prove that we can handle it. Life will never give us more if we cant even handle what we already have. When it comes to money for example, many people are begging for more but they cant even handle what they have, so why on earth will life give them more if they can’t even handle the little that they have?

Agreements are the same, if you can’t honour your little agreements then how will you honour your big ones? Telling the truth will fall in to the same category. If you can’t tell the truth about small things how will you tell the truth when faced with big things?

I have a different way of looking at things. I say that in our society, you first need to fix the little things before you can expect to fix the big things.

If your child hasn’t even got basic manners, then how can you expect them to grow up to be a responsible adult?┬áIf your country doesn’t even obey the rules of the road, then how do you expect them to fix the crime rate?

Get the basic right first before you move on to the more complex stuff.