Cyber Bullying

Parties that get out of hand and some sort of social media is involved can be very dangerous. Remember that once its in cyber space it’s there forever and you can never get it back. At least in our parents day, things could be removed, but nowadays no such luck.

A movie called “Unfriended” is based on a similar situation. After being bullied for a long time after her bad behaviour at a party, the young girl decides to take her own life. She then comes back to haunt those responsible.

This brings me to another topic – Cyberbullying. When one human is being bullied by another with the intention to hurt while using some sort of technology it is called Cyberbullying. This may include mean texts, rumours about that person posted online and even embarrassing pictures and videos posted without that person’s permission.

Be careful what you post out there and what you say. Cyber bullied people are often more likely to suffer from low grades, alcohol and drug abuse and have more health problems.

Rather help them to get out of their situation instead of bullying and teasing them. We don’t always realise the negative effect that bullying can have until its too late.

I am sure no one wants to be responsible for someone else’s suicide or bad reputation – its just mean!

Cyber Bully