Creating a Family Bond

Did you know that a family bond is very important? Did you know that you can do certain things to make that bond stronger and in so doing, keep the family together?
If you have lost a family member then it is even more reason to make the rest of the family bond stronger. Now the things I am talking about are very simple. Laughing and having fun together can create a wonderful family bond.
A while ago we went to the Drakensberg for a short break. The one day we were driving around and we stopped to look at one of the hotels. We took a few photos while we were there and wow it turned out to be so much fun. The bond that we created was stunning and the energy that we put out as a family was contagious. So many people came up to us to offer to take the photos. It was wonderful how we could put out such nice energy.
IMG-20151005-WA0010 IMG-20151006-WA0008
Having a good energy and having fun attracts other people even with a simple family bond. When you have a family bond you can achieve so much more than you would all by yourself because everyone knows whats going on and motivates you to be better and not give up.
I love my family so much, they always stick up for me and keep me on track when I sometimes doubt myself. What does your family do for you?