Bringing your value

My dad makes some good point about being valuable – and this one is no different.

“Always remember this: we don’t get paid for our time, but rather for the value that we bring to the marketplace – some more wise words from our friend Jim Rohn. If you want your child to reach huge heights, then you need to teach them how to dramatically increase their value to the marketplace.

Now the marketplace is much like a ladder. You get jobs that pay, let’s say, twenty rand per hour, and then on the higher end of the scale you get jobs that pay 20 000 Rand per hour. What is the difference? The only difference is the value that the person brings to the marketplace. Now, don’t get confused between the amount of work that that person does and the value that they bring to the market place.

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Would it be fair to say that if you were a waiter at McDonald’s then you would get paid towards the lower end of the ladder? If however, you were a rock star or film celebrity, you would get paid towards the higher end of the scale. Then you would also agree that the amount of work that each one does is also not the same either. The celebrity would get paid much more than the waiter and would do only a fraction of the work.

Why the huge difference here? The celebrity is way more valuable to the marketplace than the waiter. The simplest way to put it is to ask yourself how easily you can be replaced, and that will give you an indication of how valuable you are to the marketplace. For example, there is only one Justin Bieber and he would be very difficult to replace, but the waiter at your local restaurant could possibly be replaced in a few hours. If you look at the amount of money that the celebrity brings in compared to the waiter, it will be many times more. So what am I saying here? That your child should become a celebrity?

No what I’m saying is that your child needs to grow their self so that they become very valuable to the marketplace. As soon as you become difficult or even impossible to replace, your value, and therefore the amount that you get paid, will dramatically increase.

  • From what they believe book by my dad, Des Werner.