41SXpz7Mg3L._SX380_BO1,204,203,200_Often we go through life unaware of the many ways that we can make a difference. Just learning a few simple tips and techniques that anyone can implement immediately will already change your life in so many ways.

I used to be the worst when it came to my attitude towards life and the way that I looked at the world.

After learning and using the techniques that I share in my book, my life has changed dramatically and my future is bright. I challenge you do learn them too so that you can in turn teach them to others. It’s up to you to make a difference and it’s up to you to do your part in making our planet a better place.

Feedback on It’s Up To Me:

“Megan and her book are fantastic. She is a role model for the youth of the world.”

– Robert Kiyosaki, Author of the International bestseller Rich Dad, Poor Dad – and Rich Dad, Poor Dad for teens


“After reading Megan’s book, I wrote the following lines:

There is inspiration around me, if I see it or not, It’s up to me!

There is kindness around me, if I see it or not, It’s up to me!

I have all power to bring change, if I feel it or not, It’s up to me!

There are eyes and faces, all around me, some eyes are wet, if I want to bring smiles to such faces, It’s up to me!

There are days, and, there are some days, to make my days, better and brighter, It’s up to me!”

– Puneet Dhamija, Director, L. Ron Hubbard Heritage Site

I have just finished your book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had a hard day that day, but I have bounced back, thanks to your saying “think of the magic”!!

– Anthea Ambursley, Speaker, Trainer, Author and Entrepreneur

“I really loved reading Megan’s book, not too long, not to short, just perfect and succinct. Her stories make for an interesting read, and whether you are 13 or 53 this book carries life lessons that we can all benefit from and learn from. I highly recommend this book, and look forward to more from this talented young lady.”

– Heather Hook, Director, Haiku Events