Body language to communicate

Body language is another very important form of communication. It is known as a non-verbal communication method and makes up a large part of how we really feel about a situation. Have you ever had a funny feeling about someone or something?

That is normally when someone’s words that they say and their body language differ. For example when you speak to someone and they are closed to the idea, they may stand with their arms folded, or their legs crossed. They may even lean away from you.

Four different poses of one woman waiting for interview. Sitting in office on chair.

If someone is feeling superior to you, then you may find that they place their hands behind their head whilst talk to you.
Your tone of voice makes up another large part of communication. Words are a vibration that comes out of your mouth, and the way that you say things can make or break your message.

Often I have has teachers that seem to put me to sleep in class. The words that come out of their mouth are so monotonous and boring that they put me to sleep.

Other teachers however, say things in a lively way that their lesson becomes inspiring and fun. They may even be using the same words, but the way they are said makes all the difference.

Take note of the body language that you use when you talk to others, and theirs in reaction to use – its an easy way to see what someone really feels.