Apples and pears

If you plant an apple tree, you will get apples when it’s time to bear fruit.

If you then decide that you want pears instead of apples and you pull off all the apples and stick up pears with masking tape, the apples will just reappear after a while.

The only way you can get pears, is if you change the roots of the tree and plant an apple tree at root level. So many people don’t realise that they have an apple tree planted when they actually want pears. This is not easy work.

When you go to gym, nobody else can do your pushups for you. You need to do it yourself and take full responsibility for your results.

Choose the roots of your tree wisely, as that will determine your fruit as well as your future path and possibly your life. It’s as simple as that.

  • Lesson courtesy of my dad, Des Werner