A Christmas Story about Appreciation

Remember that we all have different gifts and talents. It is up to us to use those gifts to help ourselves and then to help others. One Christmas morning the little boy early so excited that he couldn’t sleep. He crept down the stairs to see if there were any presents waiting for him under the Christmas tree.

Sure enough, there were plenty! So he decided to have a quick peep before his Mom and dad woke up. The first present was wrapped in gold paper and looked very inviting. He carefully peeled back the wrapping paper to see if he could catch a glimpse of what was inside.

To his absolute disgust he found one of last year’s presents inside. “It must be a mistake!” he thought, and started to unwrap another gift. Same thing, one by one. By now he was starting to panic and ripped open every single present. All the gifts were last years gifts!

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He ran upstairs to tell his parents there had been a terrible mistake. “All the gifts under the tree are last years presents” he yelled.

His mother lifted her head of the pillow and said “My Son, use your gifts this year, and you will get more next year. Give away your gifts this year, and get double next year.”

We need to learn to use or share our gifts and give them to others. keeping your gifts or talents hidden and unused helps nobody

Becoming great and excelling in what we are good at is a gift and an inspiration we ca give to others. I encourage you to use your gifts wisely this year – and to reap double the benefits next year.