Your thought patterns

My dad shared this story about mind programing with me this week and I loved it.

Do you remember the first time you tried to drive a car? It was chaos, right? With clutch and break and then accelerator, not to mention steering this thing or looking in your mirrors. That was a conscious task that you were performing. With practice this soon became a subconscious task and things happen automatically now.

Now you can drive, talk to your passenger, laugh and joke. You see, your mind has got used to these functions and they are now automated, making everything a lot easier. It is the same with most things in life – first they start out as conscious deeds, but later they turn into subconscious ones. Once your mind is running the subconscious side, you are running an automated programme and it becomes very difficult to change things without changing the programme.

Now, why am I talking about the conscious mind and programming or paradigms? Well you see, its very simple. For us to see certain things in our life, we need to have a certain programme running. Sometimes the programme that is running our lives is not necessarily the programme that we want or even need.


We can try to change things as much as we want on a conscious or willpower-level (change our screen), but until we change the program, nothing will change on our screen of life. To make matters even worse, our kids copy these same programmes that don’t work in our lives and use them in their own lives. So I’m sure you would agree, why let our kids run a programme that doesn’t serve them? We run these patterns when it comes to our health, our weight, our money, our relationships and basically anything in our lives. Change the input or the programme and you will change the output or the result (what you will see on your screen).

At this point you may be asking, okay, how do I change my programming? Not so easily, I can assure you of that. Remember you have been running these programmes for many years now, and your computer now has a mind of its own. It will not be easy, but definitely not impossible. What you need to do is consciously have the new correct input and repeat this process for thirty days. After thirty days you will have started a new habit and if you persist with this new way, it will become a belief or a new program.