Courage and Learning

Another way to make a difference is to show others that you have courage. Courage is not that you don’t have fear, but rather acting in spite of fear.

We all have fear but it’s how we handle that fear that counts. I am quite a small little girl, and I have done some amazing things in my life.

What I have learnt is that when I do something that seems really hard to others it encourages them and inspires them to do the same. I have made huge differences in other peoples lives just by moving past my fear and doing it anyway. Late President Nelson Mandela said the same thing.

Another way to make a difference is learning. I have learnt so much and achieved great things from what I have learnt. There were things that i once through were impossible but now that I have done them I know for myself I know that they are possible. is another way that you can make a huge difference because once you have learnt, you will be able to teach and when you teach, only then do you truly know.

Courage and learning make us great – try it today and see the impact it can make in not only your, but others people’s lives.