Pro’s and Con’s of Social Media

It’s up to you what you do about your social media that determines how its going to affect your life. I think it is about balance. There are pro’s and cons to social media. For example:


  • Connect with people with similar interests
  • Professional networking
  • Causes can spread their message
  • Socialise more
  • Share information and news


  • Scams
  • Privacy invasion
  • Cyberbullying
  • Social development can be hampered

It can be a very big distraction for employees in the workplace as they would much rather see whats happening online than do their work. This needs to be controlled as it can cost a company millions. Another way of looking at it is that you can see it as a way to communicate quickly and effectively with your clients.

Sharing your thoughts and feelings online helps us raise our voice and get opinions from a very large group of audiences. With people you are friends with and even those that aren’t.

It can help us exchange ideas and advice. Most people would much rather ask people they know about a situation or problem, than a complete stranger.

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