Independence and Confidence

I grew up with very special parents. They had a way of teaching me so many things, without me even knowing it!

They would, for example, when we went to a restaurant, send me to ask our waiter for something or go and ask the manager a question. At that stage I was only about three or four, but it gave me such confidence in a unique and special way.

They often made me pay for something at the cashier. This gave me exposure to money as well as communication with others. I was quite shy at first but they kept on encouraging me and sending me on little errands.

Looking back now, I’m sure that it would have been way easier to just do the deed themselves but no, they asked me to do it, knowing that it stretch my comfort zone and make me grow.

Today I am really comfortable to ask people questions, get things done for myself and talk to many different people of any age.

Doing things outside of your comfort zone grow you forever, don’t miss out on the opportunity to live outside your comfort zone.