Ignore the Doubters

Kids at school can be be very cruel and hard. I have never been the most popular kid on the block, well that was until I started appearing on stage, doing radio interviews and writing books. It’s strange how people treat you differently when you suddenly appear important.

A little while ago I was invited for a radio interview. Before the interview I told a few kids at school that I would be on the radio. They teased and belittled me for days. I was devastated, because no one likes to be made fun of, and I tried my best to ignore them and focus on the task at hand, and I am so very glad that I did.

You see, the second that I was actually on the radio, the class perception of me changed, and suddenly I was the hero in the class!

IMG-20151124-WA0009  mic and head phones

One day I went to extra maths class just after a radio interview, and I was still in my smart clothes, because I didn’t have time to change my outfit. As I walked in, one boy asked me why I was dressed so smart. I told him that I had had a radio interview about my book and didn’t have time to change before extra maths.

“What’s the book? Telly Tubbies?” he laughed. The whole maths class burst out laughing and I felt like a real fool. Well, that was until they heard me on the radio, and then suddenly the very same guy  that was so rude and made fun of me in front of everyone was very interested in my book and what it was all about.

I just brushed him off and didn’t show much interest, as I cant be bothered with people that try and pull me down. Its hard, and I think when you are younger and at school, kids can tease you and crush your dreams. I am so thankful for my family that pushes me to never give up, and supports me when I have rough days that hurt me. Don’t ever let anyone ever crush your dreams – you do what you need to do, keep your head down and eventually you will get there, I promise 🙂